A swimming pool does not only serve a functional purpose; it can also serve an aesthetic purpose as it can significantly improve your outdoor appearance. Here, we look at the different pool design ideas in terms of size, types, and style.

Family Fun Pool:

A waterpark-like experience is what this pool gives you with its design. The elegance of its design is appealing to everyone regardless of age. It features different elements such as waterfalls, stones, colorful landscaping, islands, and other artistic pieces that will spice up your pool experience and improve your home appearance.

Key West:

If you’re in Key West, Florida, the best pool design to go with a natural tropical landscape. This is what the pool designer achieves with the greenery that surrounds the pool. The pool deck is paved with natural coral stone designed in a herringbone pattern, and the surfacing is done using Pebble Tec in Caribbean Blue.

Moonlight Pool:

Looking for a pool where you can come out at night to swim? This idea of a moonlit pool is the perfect way to execute your dream. The modern and sleek swimming pool is illuminated, and on one side, the corner wall is raised high enough to be at the same level as the patio. 

L-Shaped Luxury:

Make your pool the focal point of your yard with this amazing design. Incorporating a sculptural fountain and floating pavers into the L shaped pool is the perfect way to create this. You can go one step further by adding vivid lighting to the environment.

Wraparound Pool:

This swimming pool design is definitely a costly one but considering what you can achieve with it, it is money worth spending. The pool brings the water closer to your house by designing the pool so that it takes advantage of your home shape to make the pool accessible from any room with an outdoor or indoor layout.

Geometric Pool:

Pools in geometric shapes are becoming more popular, and the reason for this lies in how unpredictable they can be in the design. They can also fit into any site, unlike the regular rectangular or round pools. These pools can come in any imaginable shape. For instance, a triangular pool serves a better function than the small plunge pools that would be the alternative in such restricted space. Some pools are shaped like Tetris. Such pools make use of all the space available to create complicated space. Another great design is a freeform geometric pool that lets you combine a lap and plunge pool.

Unusual Infinity Pool:

An infinity pool is definitely the most beautiful type of pool you can get. They serve as great lap pools, and if you are lucky enough that your home has a picturesque setting, you get the added benefit of a great view.


Creating a uniquely designed pool that fully complements your home requires a master pool designer who has expertise designing such types of pools. You should also consider that you’ll be spending more money than you’ll spend on a regular pool. Click here to learn about more styles of pools!

Whether you think of owning a swimming pool or already have one, a swimming pool store is one place you will have to go regularly. Some of them offer construction services, which means they can help you with building the pool. But most importantly, they provide you with supplies needed for your own safety and pool maintenance. Here, we list a few of the top supply stores across the US. You can check out any of them for your pool-related purchases.

All America Pool:

This is a family-owned pool located in Louisville, Kentucky. The store has been in existence for over 40 years, which means its staff is experienced professionals who will ensure you get the best products. They also offer pool installation and maintenance services for both aboveground and in-ground pools, and you can easily schedule an appointment with them. They are your one-stop-shop for all pool equipment that you may need. Their services also include pool winterization, spring openings, hot tubs, and liner replacements.

The Pool Factory:

This store specializes in all matters related to above ground and semi in-ground pools. They offer different types of pool products and supplies and can also help you with the construction of pools. Their supplies include all types of pool equipment, pool chemicals, ladders, pool frogs, pool liners, lights, ionizer, heat covers, fence, vacuum and cleaners, filter cartridges, maintenance kits, among many others. You can get swimming pool parts from them as well. They are located in Edison, New Jersey.

Blue Wave Pool Supplies:

This store is located in Memphis, Tennessee. They combine pool supplies with services such as installation, repairs, and maintenance. Their team has a combined experience of over 30 years between them. Thus, you have nothing to worry about because every recommendation you will get is tested and trusted. They sell different pool supplies such as chemicals, motors, covers, filters, cleaners, heaters, liners, etc. Their services are tailored to the peculiar conditions of each customer’s pool. Customers are advised to bring their pool water sample, which is tested for free in the store before recommendations are made on the right treatment and chemicals. The staff ensures that they maintain a cordial relationship with all customers. This store is CPO certified and award-winning one.

Swimming Pool Discounters:

This store operates from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but can ship anywhere in the US. They provide both above ground and in-ground pool services such as construction, installation, and maintenance. The company can also help you with your pool liner replacements. It is a great place to get all pool accessories such as filters, propane, natural gas heaters, electric heat pump, steps, ladders, decks, repair items, plumbing supplies, etc.

Swim Things Inc.:

This store, which is based in Kansas City, Missouri, specializes in pool construction. According to Pool and Spa News, it ranks as one of the top 50 pool builders in the USA. This shows the quality of its services, which is performed most innovatively by experts. Their stores operate as retail and online, offering products such as patio furniture, swimsuits, pool chemicals, pool toys, etc.


Your location is what will essentially determine the pool store you will patronize. You must ensure that the store you are using has the expertise and experience, and when it comes to supplies, stock products from established manufacturers.